Far Infrared Sauna Reviews | Sharing the Best

I. Popular Infrared Saunas

A extremely popular type of sauna recently has become the infrared sauna.  When looking at far infrared sauna reviews most of them are discussing these new infrared saunas.  The  history of saunas really involves the traditional  which uses steam to heat the inside and to heat the people as well.  It does this mainly by heating the air.  The person inside is warmed by his skin being warmed by the air. Good infrared sauna reviews always discuss how these newer saunas from the past few decades are better in function than the older steam method of heating in terms of healing and detoxification.

Steam saunas are typically  quite large and usually are permanent so a person should really first know where they will place the device.  They are often placed in a large master bathroom as those rooms are more equipped to handle steam.  Care should also be taken to prevent and eliminate any mold that occurs.  Regular cleaning and disinfecting should take place to help with this.

The newer infrared saunas which are reviewed in great detail on this website,  take up much less room and much like other furniture, can be disassembled and moved usually in one hour, if the existing placement is not desired.  This is a much improved feature of the sauna.


II. Function of the Sauna

Saunas benefit the user by cleansing the skin through the sweat produced.  When using a steam sauna, the sweat has a very low percentage of toxins so the user needs to b3e careful to not become dehydrated and low on electrolytes.  The second function of the sauna is to cause a deeper detoxification at the cellular level.  This is where the newer infrared saunas are at their best, as they cause a cellular resonance or vibration of the cells to loosen the  adhered toxins including heavy metals.

It is in this regard that the high quality reviews of the saunas will be of most benefit.  Any buyer should definitely conduct their research of the reviews available.


III. Safety of Saunas

Important to discuss is the safety of the sauna.  Steam saunas main danger would be  an overheating of the person as these saunas can become very hot and the heaters are usually  180 up to 200 degrees.  Care must be taken when using them.  A person should drink a lot of water before and also during and after using the steam sauna.  Also, anyone with any medical condition should talk with their doctor before using one of these.

For one that uses infrared heating, much of these concerns are gone.  While you should still drink water beforehand and talk with your doctor if there are any medical conditions, forgetting to do this usually results in no harmful results.  Infrared is much much safer.

A third type of sauna in use today in people’s homes is the dry sauna.  This looks much like a steam unit but is heated by a dry heat.  This is often an electric heater.  While this does cause a person to sweat and has some of the benefits of an infrared, it misses the healing power as there is little detoxification that takes place.

Infrared is clearly the best type of sauna to use for healing and sweating.  It can even give the user some amount of cardiovascular improvement much like a time of mild exercise.

When buying, it is important to find out the emf rating of the sauna as this is another big safety concern.  EMF levels should remain below 5 miligauss ratings.  Sometimes this can be found on the website of the company selling the sauna but many times also needs to be found out by calling and talking about this with the salesperson.

Any sauna can be helpful to a person’s health but the infrared units give the most benefits.  Consider buying one when you can afford it.  It will be a great use of money for your health.